Week 7 and 8 Discussions

How do you think the trauma that Okinawan women experienced during the Battle of Okinawa impacted their responses to the military base construction that the US military Occupation authorities enacted during the early 1950s that we see in the Isahama struggle? What traumas have to be dissociated from the Battle of Okinawa and understood as new to the time of US military occupation?

During the battle of Okinawa, women were once again oppressed and forced to work together to struggle through the trauma that was caused by the battle. After being colonized by Japan, I would imagine that they were not overly fond of another country yet again intruding on their home, even if that country was against Japan. Just because the United States was against Japan did not make them pro-Okinawa. The aftermath of the battle left the women having to rebuild an take charge mostly without men. It is unfortunate that even after the war was over, Okinawan women were still dealing with hardships caused by the United States forces stationed there.

“How does Kwon’s exploration of “the work of waiting” impact the way that we think about immigration policy in a specific country? What kind of map of global migration patterns would be adequate to express the range of labors that people engage in to support one migrant worker?”

The work of waiting was really another way to sell capitalism to the working class. Often separating couples, where one goes off to work on their own and sends back money to the other. This of course can cause many relationship problems and can create inequalities in the labor force due to the real beneficiaries of the labor. When I read this I immediately realized how big of a problem this is in the world. This problem is prevalent all over the world as people are separated from their loved ones and families in hopes of making enough money to put food on the table.



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