Week 6 Discussion

What do you think are some of the impacts of being labeled as spies, or national traitors by the state and military for internal relations within Okinawan society? How do you think this impacted Okinawans’ treatment/views toward Korean women who were brought to the islands as “comfort women” beginning in 1941?

Being labeled as spies or traitors must’ve had a large impact on Okinawan society at the time. Just like Japan had previously done with Korea, forcing Japanese culture onto Okinawans and making them give up their own culture was Japans top priority. Japan “injected” a mindset into the Okinawans to make them feel like “becoming Japanese” was the right thing to do. I’m sure that some Okinawans had major sympathy for the comfort women brought over. However, due to Japan manipulating the native Okinawans into being on Japan’s side, it’s likely that the majority thought of the Koreans being brought over as a threat.



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