Week 4 & 5 Discussions

Week 4

I think it is safe to say that any nation that has been conquered by another will hold a large sense of resentment towards their oppressors. This resentment is going to be there not matter what, but it does of course vary depending on how the oppression is done. In the case of Japan and Korea, it was quite intense. Japan did their best to essentially strip Koreans of their identity and culture as Korean. This process of forcing Japanese culture onto Koreans along with everything else obviously did not sit well with them. They were tired of being treated as inferior compared to Japanese citizens. For me, I know seeing the people around me being treated badly makes me want to help them, even if I am not directly being affected myself.

Week 5

I think a big part of the Soaikai and their relationship with suppressing Korean workers was through division. Japan essentially was able to use Korean citizens against other Koreans. This made it much easier for Japan to retain control and continue exploiting Korean labor without them having to watch out for groups rising up against the Japanese control. As for the relationship, some Koreans, like Mr. Kim, really had no other choice but to move to Japan since that was the only place they could find any opportunity.



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