Week 1 & 2 Discussion

Capitalism is really is the leech of society, a leech in such a way that minorities, people of color, women, ect. are treated poorly in order to support the creators of the system. In Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s video “Geographies of Racial Capitalism”, she delivers the powerful quote: “Capitalism requires inequality, and racism enshrines it” This was an especially powerful quote and a great one to essentially start off and set the tone for the rest of the video. After hearing it, I instantly thought about the discussion question for week 1. It does not take a lot of thinking to immediately draw the connection between capitalism and the racism that is so deeply integral to its success. Once people realized that they could gain from exploiting other races, they capitalized on it. I think the quote ties in well with what Tao Leigh Goffe discusses in her text: “Bigger than the Sound: The Jamaican Chinese Infrastructures of Reggae.” regarding extractive capitalism. Capitalism is quite literally a tool used to extract and exploit from minorities while manipulating them.

Week 2

After the discussion in week one, it is very easy to see how it carries over to week 2. As I mentioned before with the manipulation, a clear example of that can be seen in Hawaii. Although the United States colonized Hawaii, they still pushed down and exploited Chinese immigrants. China really did get the worst of both worlds in this case, having to deal with Japan as well as the United States. The racial segregation of pitting Native Hawaiians against Chinese immigrants also allowed the white settlers to further hold more power over them. Again this all really ties back to how capitalism at its roots works. Stripping the native population of their power to live how they used to is the best way to exploit them, this can be seen in both the British Empire and the United States.



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