Individual Post #2

Creative expression is one of the most integral parts of an individual culture. Whether it be through art, music, or literature, all methods of creative expressions serve to be arguably more important when learning about a culture than by just reading written history. Imbedded in these different mediums are the artistic expressions derived from the individuals that lived during that time and through those experiences.

Through these experiences we become able to observe various aspects of history and historical context that we would be unable to by using other means. Where written history can give you a general idea into what is occurring in a certain place at a certain time, by looking at art for example, you get a first hand glimpse into what someone living through those experiences has felt. Unlike many forms of written history, art and music can allow the audience to feel what the artist felt via a primary source. Of course this is absolutely true of literature as well, however the lack of a visual element has the potential to alienate the audience from really seeing what is happening. That disconnection is very important to think about. In a lot of historical contexts it is very easy for the reader to detach themselves and think about things only in terms of the words written on the page.

We often hear the phrase “A picture is one-thousand words” and that is absolutely true. The beauty of art and visual imagery is that anyone can understand it. You do not need to know how to read or write. Through the medium of images, a huge audience can very quickly understand deep concepts in seconds.



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