Individual Medium post #1

I often like to read comments and replies to certain articles but I rarely make these posts myself. The other day I happened to comment on a video that discusses ‘how we could help out other countries by giving them the “recipe” to make them’. I commented about how capitalism was interfering with this process because the companies that produced it were more concerned with protecting their rights to produce it and not at all concerned with people all around the world. Someone replied sarcastically to me saying “Ok, I guess capitalism = greed now”. I thought it was interesting that even though it was laid out right there for them, they still could not put two and two together.

Finally getting to my point-

This interaction reminded me of the question about how capitalism affects and destroys our relationships to each other. Separation and suppression are two of the main facets of capitalism. Speaking specifically of suppression, when a specific group of people’s voices aren’t heard, they become isolated. Due to this, other groups are likely to find it hard to empathize with their circumstances. Examples of this suppression process via capitalism can be seen in the examples we’ve had of Afro/Chinese Jamaicans, and Honolulu’s Chinatown. After America Colonized Hawaii, The native population and Chinese population were both oppressed, but not necessarily working together. Since they had these white capitalist ideologies forced onto them, they were both made to feel that they did not belong, and so they did not really work together.

This really was capitalism at work. It was brought over for America, and it made it much much easier to extract and exploit both the native Hawaiians and Chinese populations. Even though the two communities were essentially facing the same threat of American colonization/capitalism, they were not able to work together.

We can see a great example of how it does NOT work in Jamaica where Afro and Chinese Jamaicans worked together. Although the plantation owners did try to stop them from working together, since they were not being suppressed, both groups were able to empathize with each other, without worrying about values forced onto them by others.



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